Like you, the decision to walk the vegan path was made in life. It took one day after reading an awesome book called The China Study. The change was for reasons such as spiritual growth, animals, health, and the planet. Imagine asking yourself the feeling you’d have if someone took your freedom and sold you dead or alive to be used for variety of purposes against your will. Personally, I refused to no longer have blood on the hands after that self-realization. Karma is a universal law that one should strive for actions that are positive, rather than negative in life. To participate in animal cruelty is a reflection of your being that speaks volumes.

You may think it’d be easy being vegan in the beginning but all the information mixed with unclearness of what to be aware of, may add more obstacles on your vegan journey. What you wear, use to clean, places you visit and etc. has an impact. This is why coming soon is a Certified Vegan Lifestyle coach from the Vegan Academy (Yes, it exist! When I saw the Scott Pilgrim VS The World film, I told myself would go there if it was real LOL) to help guide you with an on demand vegan lifestyle training platform with extras. What you eat is important, however your lifestyle may change as well from how to handle current or new relationships, dining & traveling to fashion choices, self-care, and more.

The Vegan community is growing as time goes on and people become more compassionate to the collective souls on the globe. Let your Vegan experience have less confusion and more clarity by signing up to our list to be notified when we officially launch :)

Eat plants ;)

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